7/6/2020 10:59:30 PM
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  Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy covers your use of our Windows 8 application. The application does not collect, store, or share any personal information, or anything related to your device. We do not collect any statistics, trends, neither do we track user movements.

The application allows you to open web URLs from the application. The URLs might be saved by internet browsers on your device. For information regarding the information stored by these application, please read the privacy policy of the internet browsers on your device. The application may link to Internet websites like www.WikiPedia.com, www.Amazon.com, Bing.com to help you find information and books on the speakers. These websites may collect information regarding your visit to those sites.

We also display advertisements on some of our applications. The advertisements may link to Internet websites. The ad provider may collect information related to your location, IP address and other personal information. We do not collect this information and neither does the ad provider share any personally identifiable informartion with us.

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