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Company Profile
daKsa Technologies provides web technology solutions to small and medium enterprises. We also develop software prodcuts and services for use by small businesses. We are located in Hyderabad, India - the hotbed of IT activities in India. We work from a spacious Penthouse office with a nice terrace garden.
What We Do
Web Applications Development
We can help you take your business online. Whether you need a Content Management System or an Intranet/ Extranet; or something more specialized, we can help you with it.
Outsourced Software Development
We can serve your outsourcing needs - from software development to email customer support.
Products and Services
We are working on developing software products for the Windows platform. Main focus is products that make data transfer between disparate systems easy.
Manpower Needs
We can provide you with dedicated software professionals who will work full time on your projects but from our locations. They are like your tele-commuitng employees.
Where We Deliver
Our clients are mainly in mainland USA and South East Asia. Where ever you are located, we can serve you.
Why Us
We provide very cost effective solutions and are sensitive to the needs of small businesses.

We bring a dedicated team of professionals with vast industry experience who give their best to make our clients satisfied.
dakSa Technologies | www.daksatech.com | info @ daksatech . com | +91-40-2353-4600 | +1(765)DAKSA-US